didn't get up to bask


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This morning my basking bulb didn't turn on and I awoke to see me Juvenile female veiled still in its sleeping spot. The light was supposed to turn on at 6:00 am and I woke up at 8:00 and turned it on manually. The only light that was on was the uva/uvb florescent fixture. Her eyes are alert and follow me around the cage. But she won't go up to bask. The room temp is around 69*F. Usually when I wake up at 8:00am she is up on her basking perch or looking for crickets. I don't know whats going on and she is getting me worried. Yesterday she went to sleep 1-2 hours earlier. I've had her for a week and haven't had any problems until now. Should I just wait a while and see if she moves to her perch? She looks healthy and not stressed. Her poop was normal and was eating and drinking yesterday.
shes prolly cold so shes chillin til she warms up cause chams cant tell if there arms or legs are geting cold they just feel there hole body geting cold its like there bodies are like a temperture gauge its all one temperature , and you said she was eating and drinking the day befor so i think she was just cold and wasnt moving till tshe warmed up but if things dont change by the end of the day theres something wrong then a VET is neeeded and one that actaully knows about chameleons ASAP!
Well, she finally went up to her basking perch and ate some crickets. I guess she was just waiting until the temp reached 80*F. The weather around this time where I live can change from day to day. Just the other day it was sunny at 78*F and today it is raining cats and dogs. I turned on an extra basking lamp to get the temp up faster. It seemed to do the job at getting the temp back up. I swear the weather is driving me crazy, maybe one day I'll invest in an automatic temp gauge.
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