Did I purchase a Male Nosy Be?


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Hello all.

I'm a new user here but have found this forum to be a GREAT resource for Chameleons. I sure would love to get some peace of mind regarding the sex of this Nosy Be I purchased while at the NARBC yesterday here in Texas.

I was told that it was a male (which carried an additional $50 premium).

In looking at other Nosy Be threads I started to think that I may in fact have a female.

Can you more experienced members please help me out?


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I'm thinking male, but I may be wrong; however, that picture within the circle makes me think male.

Definite male. Too small to have a noticeable hemipene bulge but that blue on the flank and the straight tail profile is a sure thing.
Thanks for the help guys! Really did help with my own peace of mind.


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