Dead tail tip

Pls don't be rude that's why i was asking cause i care?maybe similar incident if not keep moving and don't imply you know anything and keep smart$ comments to yourself Ty
We have two qualified veterinarians on this forum who own chameleons and one is also a breeder. Hopefully, they will see this thread and respond for you. Me personally, I would be taking him to see a vet and not attempt something like that myself.
No, I would let a professional handle it. It may dry up and fall off on its own. I can't tell much from the photo on my phone, but the risk here is infection, so if it's starting to look moist, raw, etc., you're in better hands with a vet.

I had something similar happen with a male of mine. At first it was just a tail kink but then it became necrotic and very quickly ran up his tail. A good portion had to be amputated, and he's ok. But always better to have a vet involved.
Thx for the helpful advice it may fall off here soon there really isn't any vets in my area that do chameleons there considered exotic. I'll keep an eye on it that it doesn't travel up on it thx again
If that is tail rot which it definitely looks like it is. It will need to be amputated before the infected tissue to stop the progression. It is best to take your animal to a vet to do this kind of thing. Left untreated it will consume more of the tail.
As a veterinarian I am going to say no. You should never do this at home where you cannot address pain control or sterility of the wound. Your chameleon needs to be seen by a reptile vet.
Don't cut it. I had the same thing happen to one of mine, only much further up the tail than that. I thought hers would need to be amputated, but it has been a year and she is fine and her tail is intact. It is severely crooked and ugly, but she's fine. Keep an eye on it and let a vet cut it if it comes to that.

Ok....I posted at the same time as Ferrit..... go with what she says, she's a vet!
Using sterile equipment wouldnt be enough to ensure the malady would be remedied.

You need to know whether the infection has spread into tissue that doesnt seem effected. If youre asking this question, its probably best to have someone else do it(vet).

I applaud your gumption though...
It's not just tail rot, the tail cut stuck on the screen on the divider and I got it out just the end it hasn't spread at all it happened about a week ago
Thx everybody I'm glad I join this forum is a good thing I was just looking to see if someone else been through this have a good day
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