Dead Nosy Be Panther


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I had a blue male nosy be that is pictured in the
Feb. photo contest. He was doing awsome and all of a sudden within a 24 hour period, he died.....

Help ---- what went wrong

Please help

We need more specifics of his husbandry. Size of cage, lights, *supplements*, *diet*, watering, and how densely was his cage planted.
Cage is 36" X 16 X 16

The cage has 1 day lamp
1 heat lamp
I use Zoo Meds Reptivite with crickets
a Thermostat that dims or non dims lights to temp
Tank has a slow running fountain
and the tank is sprayed several times a day
iftwod with 4 or 5 hanging plants
Tall dr

I have a female in an exact copy of the males tank
and she is doing fine.
REMOVE THE FOUNTAIN!!!!!! Perhaps an internal bacterial infection? How were his droppings? Do you offer anything else besides crickets? Are the crickets gutloaded? Do you offer any D3 supplements? How old is the UVB bulb? Is there anything between the UVB bulb and your cham? The cage was far too small for the male, but your female should be fine in that size of a cage. Did you wash the hanging plants VERY well? He could have been poisoned by fertilizers or pesticides.
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