Day 2 of shedding?


Hey all so my cham shed yesterday. He got most of it off but now im starting to get concerned because his face is all that is left for the most part and its been over a day! (its my first cham and first time seeing shed so im not sure if this is normal or not) everything ive read says to do just more frequent warmer water mistings and LEAVE them alone but his poor eyes and face seem to not wanna come off...i dont know if this can cause tightening by any means and restrict flow or make it harder for them to breathe, should i stay the course and let nature do its thing?


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Do not intervene unless a cuff has formed around a limb and is cutting off circulation. Shedding is a good indicator of your chams overall health. If the aren’t shedding properly it’s a sign that you need to review your husbandry. But as for you and this time, your fine he will get it off.
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