Day 2 of 14 of meds


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Doing really well taking his medication for his RI. I've been squirting water in his mouth after medication ... He comes out of the cage to my hand so I've been having him out alot so he doesn't just associate me with meds


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Banana! He probably loves the taste, ha.

Just my opinion--

I wouldn't keep him out of his home longer than you absolutely have to. He is probably stressed enough with the oral meds.

What I did with my boy when he needed a 14-day oral antibiotic was take him out when I needed to medicate him, put him back in immediately, and try to convince him to drink with a spray/shower (though if he was too stressed out, I would just continue to run the dripper).

After the 14 days, I would start building your relationship again with hand feeding/etc. To avoid the stress now.

Also, it's not a great idea to squirt water into his mouth afterwards. From what I have read, it is very easy to accidentally drown a chameleon this way.
Ok you got me on this one so I have to ask, it's just banana flavor right lol? What med. is it? Haha I know you can make fun of me :D

Haha banana flavored yes :) it's his antibiotics :)

And as far water in the mouth goes in squirting in and around his tongue so he can get the medicine taste out of his mouth :) vets orders... Plus he is super social I had him out lots before and will still bring him out :)
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