Darwin's tortoise, Harriet


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Darwin's tortoise, Harriet, dies at 176


Harriet is an icon for Charles Darwin and evolution.

Darwin was fascinated by the Galapagos tortoises, in particular when he noted that the different islands apparently contained distinct sub-species adapted to each island's particular conditions. This was one of many observations that led him to formulate his theory of evolution.
That is amazing, I couldnt imagine what that turtle has gone through. How many diffrent generations of keepers etc. It had a long life. That is so cool. The husbandry must have been great.

A little bit off the subject...

The Binder Park Zoo (My local zoo) in Battle Creek, MI just recieved a new Alligator snapping turtle on temporary exhibit. The turtle named "Crunch" is estimated to be 165 lbs and over 150 years old. I've seen him personally, and he is said to be in his 'midlife' and he still may live another hundred years or so.

You can check him out, with pictures, at this site: http://www.crunchinfo.com/

Just thought it was interesting to see how big allie-snapper's really get...:eek: Wouldn't want to fall into the water next to him!


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