Darkstar the Cheerful Ambilobe


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Hi, all --

I wanted to share a quick picture update of my sweet Ambilobe Panther, Darkstar. He just turned four months old on February 23rd! I'm looking forward to his next shed. He is a hungry guy...he readily eats butterworms, turks, dubias, goliaths, phoenix worms, crix, and false stable flies. He enjoys three showers a day from the MistKing and can often be found marching around his arboreal abode flashing his baby colors at any and all who care to observe. One picture below is a side-by-side of Darkstar the day I got him (barely 3 months) and on the right is him just shy of 4 months. Man, what a difference one month makes! He's my cheerful little man.



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Gorgeous boy you have there! I really love your setup as well. You are doing great with him, he looks healthy and happy!
I really appreciate your kind comment! Thank you!! The best compliment I could ever receive is hearing from others that my boy looks healthy and happy :) He brings me a lot of joy!
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