Daisy is a mama!


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Well our bengal cross cat Daisy had her first litter and for how tiny she was she delivered 7 kittens!

Sadly the runt wouldn't latch and only lasted 24 hours despite my efforts to make her look after it. So 6 big fat healthy kittens are left.

Most of the kittens look like little cows lmfao!


My fav kitten. It's going to look like Daisy lol


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Yea the dad is a patch tabby and white hehe. Tho I'm still a little baffled why some are black and white like cows.

They are soooo cute. Mind you I'm trying to find homes for them.


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She's an indoor cat so there's no way another cat was in here haha.

I'm thinking maybe black is a colour that maybe Kitty's (the male) mom or dad had. We have no clue what they looked like. Not to sure how cat genetics works lol.

They are looking like they are going to open their eyes any day now as well. Then the fun starts! Haha.


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Hehe thanks! Mama is doing really well. Other then peeing on my bed last night for some reason (I think she's mad at me lol).

Usually not done because they are mad, but can be a sign of something. She could just want some privacy for her little ones, but urination can also be a sign of health issues. Are they in the bedroom? Id get a blacklight and make sure that there aren't other spots in the house that have been used for this. (The spots will be bright yellow) She may be insecure and need some space from the others in the family after her ordeal. (Could also try an extra litter box in an open area.) Hope she was just sayin' "leave me alone for a few days." ;)


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Her and the kittens are kind of hidden in a room not used currently.

The dog tends to rummage through her kitty litter box for some reason and that may be why she does it (lack of clean litter in the box as the dog tends to push it out).

Also when she was a kitten the first place she 'went' when we brought her home was the bed... So I think she keeps coming back to that.
We tend to keep the doors closed to avoid her coming in our room as it does happen frequently. She will run in, pee on the bed and run away. Hence why the thinking behind revenge peeing (lmfao). Also someone said it could be why haha!

She's been to the vet already as well and is in good health.
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