Cyrus had final eye check...


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Well, we went to see Dr. N. before the storm hit yesterday (Friday) and he said it looks "good" in that it looks no worse, is not infected and is stable. He feels, and I agree, that this is probably about as good as it will get. He probably sees mainly light and shadow. Dr. N. had an opportunity to see him do his little head-shake thing as he adjusts. It's quite interesting to watch - and he is about as mellow as Darwin (my "you'd almost think something is wrong with him" beardie) so he was just sitting on a log patiently waiting for the doc ;) He does not have full range of motion of his eye/turret. Is this due to the fact that he simply cannot see in certain directions (damage is behind - to left of - pupil) or is there adhesion from scarring, internal/natural repair? Who knows, but what he does is when he looks to the right (bad eye) and he is not wandering far on his gym, but that's OK. At least with the bloodwork, etc. we know he is otherwise healthy and also now have a baseline for future reference.

Thanks to everyone on and off the forum who gave advice and simply cared.

awww.. I am glad Cyrus is doing better and that you were able to stop the problem from turning into something really dreadful..

I am sure he will adjust and live to be a sweet old fella - it is nice that he's got someone good looking out for him.. :)
thanks on all counts. He is such a sweetie and has been a real trooper. I transport him in a styro cooler with a heating pad and old t-shirts inside. On the way home he kept nudging the top so I opened it and he sat on my wrist the whole way home ;)
Awww that is lovely to hear he wanted to sit on your wrist on the journey home. Bless him:)
Another lovely photo of him you have there, he certainly is beautiful...
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