Customs Agents intervene to rescue rare Johnston's Chameleons


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Thanks for sharing, the illegal trade is such a shame.

I can't believe the Belgium customs officials confiscated them because the are a rare species and illegal to trade and their remedy was to destroy them!!! What is the point of that?


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I was going to say the same thing! Why "destroy" them? All illegal animals should be given to a zoo or animal specialist, at least something along those lines.


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Alot of illegally imported organism's are destroyed in customs due to either them contaminating the destination, or contaminating/getting contaminated by shipping them back to the country of origin.

Imagine sending them back to the native habitat with all sorts of non native parasites.

Or importing a species that is known to harbor a deadly parasite, even if its going fro customs directly to a isolation unit.

Hell you cant bring home a coconut from the bahamas to Florida for the same reason.


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My first thought was,

'I hope to hell this isn't the shipment we have been waiting on"!!



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Oh no! My order! ....I mean...darn look at that there.

I wish the smuggler would have made it through though. They destroy (kill) the animal and then another smuggler simply takes his place. The customs officials feel like heroes and not one single **** will be given at the end of the day. I am against exploitation of animals, but come on! This reminds me of PETA. They rush in to "save" some animal from a household only to euthanize it. Such brave heroes.
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