custom diy viv and my new cham

So ive been building my new set up for about 6 months and its finished.

So i got a viv builder to make me a 2x4x2. Then I cut holes in the roof for a vent and a dome light. And I work for a fabrication company so i made a reflector for the T5 tubes(5000k for plants and arcadia 6% uvb), a made to measure stainless steal tray to line the base which i powder coated white and I got a frame for the mesh cut out with our laser. Then i fitted it all and a dimming stat, thermometers, hydrometers, vines, plants and a dripper dripping through the mesh. i could only add 5 pics but please tell me what you think.

Then on saturday I got my new cham. He is a 6 month old bb ambilobe and he is eating, drinking and pooping fine and is starting to show some really nice colours. Ive named him Icarus


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Cool enclosure, dude!

I've gotta admit I've never seen the fake flowers used before.

The chameleon is happy with it, yes?
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