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Probably a dumb question but does this come with a reservoir and how big is it? I was reading the description and looking at the pictures and I wasn't sure if that cylinder is actually the reservoir or just a pump. Also would this be enough for a single Veiled enclosure?


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I don't have one but I'm pretty sure it doesn't come with one, most people I see use a bucket from Lowe's or something. That cylinder thing is the pump, the reservoir has to be pretty big.
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Any food safe tub can be used, i use a 5 litre Tupperware box & drilled i think conversion to imperial is 9/16 drill bit spade type

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No reservoir. The cylinder is the pump

Rectangular reservoirs seem to work better than round—only because it's easier to get a tighter seal around the bulkhead. This is not a problem for everyone. Whatever you choose should also have a lid to keep out debris/foreign material.

I used a rectangular reservoir and tilted it at a slight angle to make better use of the water—not as much unavailable due to being below the bulkhead.



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What settings do y'all use on the timer?
The standard is @3min morning before heat turns on and @3min in evening after heat but while chameleon is still active. So you only need 2 settings. You can play around and adjust to your balance.

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What settings do y'all use on the timer?
That depends on your ambient humidity, and what humidity you're trying to achieve.
I live in the NE US, and have a panther, but they're somewhat similar in care to veileds.

First, I ran the mister manually to see how long it took to give everything a good wetting down without running down the drain. In my case, that was 2 min. so I use that for all misting sessions.

Then I set the timer for 6am (light on), noon, 6 pm (lights off), 9pm, midnight, 3am.
So every 3 hrs. at night because humidity should be higher at night, and longer intervals weren't doing it. The noon misting ensures he always has some drinking water available.

Your schedule may vary.
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