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I just upgraded Ryker to a much larger cage, he's only 6 months and I fear that he won't be able to find all his food without me handfeeding it to him. So I plan to teach him to cup feed which I have never done. I have already made a cup feeder but I have no idead how to teach him >.< any suggestions?


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Not sure about teaching them, but I did install cups for worms and it works perfectly. I just put the cups on the side of the cage just below where all my Chams bask so they can see into them. It has worked great from day one! One Cham goes over and looks into the cup everyday at a certain time to check for food, guess he has gotten used to his afternoon snack-haha Crickets I just toss in, chasing crickets is their exercise...

Then again, I have a Cham that drinks out of the catch bowl on the bottom of the cage under the dripper. I've had to control his dripping cause of it, poop falls in sometimes. But he still goes down into the bowl everyday to look for water... But this Cham is special(SPECIAL), one of the weirdest personalities I have ever seen!
I place it so they can easily see the feeders. I would place it below his favorite spot so its hard to miss. If he's not afraid of you, you can hold it in front of him. My chams will eat it out of their cups with me holding it and if I just leave it in their cage. I like doing this with most feeders since I know how many they each ate and I don't have to worry about loose crickets at night.


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cup feeding experience

I also cup feed my 2 months old Veiled. Found a perfect little clear tupperware(cylindrical shaped 2" diameter by 2.5" tall) for spices which I cut a large hole in the lid so the small crickets which is what I feed him cant jump out. Then hung it on vine in the middle of the cage where he would pass by.He figured it out within minutes. Good luck!


Sorry to get a little off track, but EXCELLENT name choice andee. I considered Ryker when I was naming Aesop


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Thanks Jupiter ^^

Well he seemed to get the cup feeding right away, though a few crickets escape every now and then he gets them right away and he seems to get his hunting out that way.
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