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Im strongly considering starting a new project with one of the smaller more rare species of chameleons. I have afew different options from afew different importers but all the species would have to be wild caught as for some its the first time they have been available in Canada. I am leaning towards Columma boettgeri. My question is how to avoid cross contamination as these mircro species would be wild caught and chances are they may be carrying parasites, they come from madagascar and right now im only keeping panthers which as im sure you all know also come from madagascar. I am terrifeid of these new species contaminating all my healthy panthers. I remember listening to an episode of the chameleon breeder podcast where a Veiled died mysteriously, after an autopsy it was loaded with parasites because the keeper had recenlty obtained a wild caught panther. The parasites that killed it were thought to only effect malagasy species, These 2 species are not even from the same part of the planet yet the same parasites harmed both. Another question more directed to keepers who have kept pygmy species. Is it even posible to bring these little ones to the vet or get them dewormed or treated with parasite meds or are they far to small for treatment?
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There is a thread here somewhere about isolating new imports/additions. Do a search for it. If you can't find it let me know and I will dig around for it later.
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