I started off by getting my crickets from Petco because it was close. Within a few days all the crickets would die. No matter what I did. So I started going to Pet Supplies Plus. Their crickets were great! They lived long enough for my chameleon to eat them all! However one day I went and got 250 (which is what I normally get) and within a week more than half were dead. I was cleaning out 30 a day. I called and they said thats what happens to crickets and that they cant do anything. I was scared the crickets were sick and I didnt want to feed my cham bad food. Im considering cutting crickets out of his diet completely. He eats Dubia Roaches and superworms. Occasionally he gets hornworms. What else can I feed him? Do I need to give him more variety? He is 8 months old and he is a nosey faly panther. If you get your food from websites please link the website so I can check it out!
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