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I've been keeping my crickets (500-1000) in a rubbermade tote. I have cut a hole in the lid, and glued on a piece of metal screen. 500 crickets last me about a week. 500 crickets in a tote for a week make a big mess. How can I alter my setup to facilitate easy cleaning of the enclosure without removing the crickets to clean. I was trying to think of some kind of fabricated enclosure with a screen bottom for their mess to fall through onto a removable tray. Any ideas or suggestions?
that sounds like a good design you should try it out and report back to us on how it works it does sound like a good idea
Are they making a mess because they're dying, or because they're shedding and sh@tting? I switched to a wood box probably 2 years ago; they can climb on the sides and space out more, and it helps keep them dry, which does wonders for keeping them healthy. You don't need a lid if you run 2" clear tape along the top edge of the box. They'll get to it, and if they jump, they just fall back in. Give them plenty of space to avoid congestion. Here's a pic of one of my cricket boxes... I actually made new ones recently, but this is the basic look I use and it works great. My boxes are 4' long, but you can do them on a smaller scale to house 1,000 crickets. Cleaning is a snap, just shake off the crates, and they all climb up the sides within 30 seconds. Scrape the crap to the center and scoop it out, takes maybe 2 minutes. Keep the egg crates off the bottom with 2x2's, so the crickets aren't living in close proximity to their droppings or any dead crickets.

You should try getting 2,000 crickets at a time and just work on keeping them alive for 2 or more weeks. They're cheaper that way.


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I just glue them together the day before with regular white glue and let them sit overnight. I'll work on getting fresh pics, that one was pretty old.
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And please post anymore you took at the expo last weekend.

I didn't take any more at the show, but I did see this interesting bench at the park across the street as I walked through.... I'm still not sure what to think of it. Only in California, I guess....


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