Cricket Keeping/ Crowding. Advice needed!


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I'm trying to start buying from ghans cricket farm online to save some loot/ dial in the size I want. Plust I've heard they have some quality crickets that may be better than where my local suppliers are getting them from.

I have a few questions though. My problem is I can get 250 for $10, but can get 500 for just a couple more dollars.

1. Is there a concern of overcrowding the crickets? If there is ample food suppied, will they still try and eat eachother if too many are kept together at once? If soo what is a good rule of thumb for # of crickets per area they are kept in?

2. How fast do these suckers grow?....If I got 500 at 3/8", would they be much too large by the time I got to the end of the batch? I'm feeding one 3.5 m.o panther who is eating about 15 -20 of them a day now. I haven't really had any crickets long enough to observe how fast they are growing yet.

Just trying to figure out what the best option is for my dawg keyser. It seems If I only get 250 for $10, I'm not really saving much at the end of the day with shipping. Do you guys think it is still worth it to order them from ghans cricket farm even if I am not really saving any money just based on the added nutritional value compared to what I'm likely finding at local pet shops?


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Also something I forgot to ask in there?

What is the best way to provide a water source for the crickets?

I've been just folding up a wet paper towel, not sure if this is right. Do they need like an actual little pool of water to drink from? I DO know that they can drown in even a little drop of water....


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You can use the water-holding crystals that you find in garden centers for watering crickets - - but a better option might be simply to offer fresh fruits and vegetables. Orange slices seem to be a favorite among my crickets - which means my chameleons get vitamin C and lots of other good things!



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If you use egg flats in the crick tub, it greatly increases the surface area so they will not be over crowded.
I keep a few thousand of them in my tub, with the same egg flats that came with the order, inside the shipping box. I also buy from Ghann's.
I have tried all the online crick places, and Ghann's is my favorite :)
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