crested geckos?

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  1. amanda509

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    well...after i get my cham settled in and such, im thinking maybe getting a crested gecko? haha. im not quite sure, i just think theyre cute as heck. ive looked up some online care sheets and stuff, and they dont seem too had to take care of, but personal experiences and info? im in no rush :)
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    Super great little geckos, and SO soft!
    They really don't need much, a good cage (I've done both screen or screen/acrylic mix cages), plants, a very weak heat lamp in case they want it, and voila! Just feed and water lol

    I had a few, but ended up re-homing them after I got my chameleons because I fell in love with diurnal animals. It seemed so boring by comparison to never see my geckos because they were out at night, and when they were they weren't too active. Now I have a day gecko (Standing's) and love her, she's super active and curious during the day - and doesn't require anything else that's super complicated as far as husbandry (apart from a UVB bulb and more heat, less humidity). BUT, I can't really handle her, so there's that draw back.
  3. amanda509

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    what do the cresties eat? do they need suppliments like chams?
  4. My 9-year-old daughter has a very tiny baby crested gecko. They require completely opposite care from a chameleon. There is very little work involved. They require no UV lighting, and no heat (unless your house is under 70 degrees). Their diet is mostly crested gecko diet, which is a powder you mix with water. Occasionally they can have a cricket, but they don't need them often. When you do give crickets, they should be dusted (I use the Rapshay all in one), and you should add a small amount of the supplement in the chested gecko diet.

    They don't do much, and when they do, it's at night when you are sleeping. But they are cute, and sweet, and they are good for children who are responsible. Oh, and they say they can live 15+ years!

    Here is a photo of my daughter's little guy on top of a pencil...
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  5. amanda509

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    so cute!!! :D so how do they drink? standing water, dripper?? im clueless when it comes to these guys XD
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    I have had Cresties for about 10 yrs. A cute fun geckos. They drink from the misted water u spray when they wake up at night. Mine are waiting for it, very active. Not a picky species. Always willing to eat. They are friendly and fun when u want to have a gecko out at night when everything else has gone to sleep.
    They r a very forgiving gecko to keep with easy requirements.

    I always have babies. So cute.
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    I mist enclosure once a night and also provide a small fresh water dish which I do watch them take advantage of and drink form. Mix a powder formula that has all the nutrients the gecko will ever need a few times a week. You can offer bugs get loaded and dusted with calcium but that is not necessary with the Crested Gecko Diet mix. They like to stay room temp moderately humid and breed like rabbits.
  8. JackP308

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    I actually think they are pretty active but thats coming from someone who is awake and typing at 3am though.
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    I have a pair of cresties too! I find them more of a worry than the chameleons at times, lol! Being the opposite almost in care needs, it seem quite odd! I worry a lot more in the summer as prolonged temps of over 85 degrees can kill them. The feel wonderful and I also like the fact that when the lights go out at around 7pm the chams go to sleep and the geckos wake up! I have one that is really laid back and loves to be held and one that is a total nutter and will climb right up the wall given half a chance, lol! I love them to bits though! here's a couple of pics of mine (cos I LOVE to share pics!:D)

    First up is my male named Splat


    and his future girlfriend, Buffie the cricket slayer!

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    I have 8 currently and they are fun and super easy to care for. The only problems I have had were ones that the gecko had before they came to live with me. Mostly shedding issues constricting there soft scales and food dried on their toes. Both are easy to fix and keep from being big problems if you catch them early but when you get a gecko that has been struggling it's much harder.
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    i think im deff getting some in a few months :) and if they breed that easily, maybe i can make a deal with the pet store where i get my crix, didnt see any cresties there and im sure he would be glad to have some :)

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