Crested gecko head shed!

Miss Lily

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A couple of nights ago Splat left me a little present onthe floor of his viv. :eek: When I picked it up and straightened it out, it turned out to be a near perfect head shed, including the skin over the eyes and some of the crests! This is the best piece of shed I have found in 5 years of reptile keeping! Thank you Splat! :D

It really is a special find - usually they eat the entire shed as they rip it from their bodies. They usually start at the tip of the nose and pull and eat their way down their bodies, so I was totally amazed to find this intact! :D
love it!! one of my guys shed and left a little cresite 'onesie' for me to see. I'm sure they've shed since then and eaten it. That's a keeper for sure!
That's definitely a neat find! I love when my chams shed and I can find a "bootie" from their feet :D

I refer to the foot sheddings as 'dirty socks' and I have a collection of discarded dirty socks from all of my chams! Maybe I am just a bit odd, lol! I also have a collection of various interesting bits of shed - it fascinates me and I love being able to match the shed to the part of the body from where it came! It reminds me of lace. :D
My mom picked up a microscope at a yard sale once, and has requested the sheds of my chams, and bearded dragons. I've never looked at them through there but she thought they were pretty neat.
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