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The gander mountain by me sells crayfish. My bearded dragon loves them. Sometimes they get smaller ones (1 to 1 1/2 inches) and was thinking about seeing if my veiled likes them as well. I would only give him one once in awhile. Has anyone tried giving seafood to their chams? I know people feed shrimp, snails, octopus, etc to other lizards, but I never heard of anyone feeding them to chams.
I wouldn't want to take the risk. For one, their carapace is a lot tougher than an arthropod's. I would worry about causing an impaction. Secondly, a cham, like most lizards, will go for the head of the insect. That leaves those pinchers free to snap at the chameleon.

Would it be a good source of nutrients? Eh, maybe. I just wouldn't take the risk to the little guy or girl though. Theyre tempermental enough as it is.
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