Could my chameleon's eggs be fertile?


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I have a female veiled chameleon, I got her about 40 days ago. The person I bought her from said she was a male, but a bit of research at home said otherwise. So I don't know if she could have been with a male before I got her. She just layed 8 eggs and seems to have more in her. Could the eggs be fertile or would it be too long after mating if she was bred before I got her?
Also I'm not sure if it means anything, but she met a male about a month ago and reacted pretty badly, turning gray and hissing.
Anyway, is it possible for the eggs to be fertile and how to I tell if they are?
well even if she hasn't been bred for this clutch if she was over 6 months and housed with a male there still could be a chance they're fertile since chams can retain sperm. I would incubate them and see if they grow mold if they start to mold theyre infertile if they don't, they're fertile.
Not the best pictures, but these might help. She laid 8, but a couple of them were so weirdly shaped and squished I just took them out. They were all on the bottom of the cage so I just moved them in a box. I tried not to turn them since everything I've read says not to.
I put some of the mulch in another box for her until I can get something better. I don't have another substrate right now, but I'll mist the eggs until I can get some. Is there anything specific you need to do to incubate them?
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