costa rica

hey all,
i am costa rica right now! i wanted to let you all know how wonderful it is here! 48% of costa rica is rain forest, so you can imagine how much wildlife is here! in my first day here i witnessed a boa, a jaguar, a crocidile, a sloth, some howler monkeys, and some macaws! i will take some pics. for you guys! i am also about to hike a valcano name ¨arenal¨!

best wishes,
Watch out for the scorpions and the fer de lance snakes...these snakes don't need light to strike!

The hummingbirds there are awesome! There are over 50 species of them there.

A jaguar crossed the trail not far in front of my daughter when she was there.

Hope you see some lizards...basilisks, cone heads, etc. and some dart frogs.

Lucky you!
Look at the cone At Volcan Arenal, and you can see steaming rocks rolling down the cone... Its pretty cool.
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