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I need some help! I have done some research about feeding my adult common chameleon and I have read on some pages that you should feed it about 3 times per week a few bugs and then I read that you should feed it everyday about 20 bugs!!! What am I supposed to do?? appreciate your comments!!!
It depends on the animal, and what you are feedng it. If the chameleon has not been treated for parasites, and you are feedin git wild insects, then it will require more food. If it is treated for parasites, and is getting farm raised insects, then feed less.

Food requirements for a captive bred, parasite free chameleon that eats fat, farm raised crickets and superworms are much lower than a wild, parasitized chameleon, that eats a variety of flies, grasshoppers and beetles.

Plus, if the chameleon has a lot of space, it can hunt. That excercise is important, and will mean the animal needs to eat more than if it were in a small cage.
thanks a lot Eric! I caught 6 wild grashoppers today put them in his cage and he ate them all, and yes the cage is pretty big and it is so cool to see him hunt!! no I didnt check him for parasites....I guess I will just feed him more.
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