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I have a female veiled named Rocker. Recently she layed a clutch of eggs, about 35-40. This is about normal as this is her fourth clutch. The problem is that she keeps wanting to dig new holes and when she gets done she just lays in them, but doesn't produce any more eggs. I have filled them in after I have had to pull her from the hole. Sometimes she comes out of the hole to bask and then reenters. I am wondering if she is egg bound or if there might be some other problem. She has also lost her appetite and doesn't eat much if anything at all. Has anybody experienced anything like this with your Chams.
i had a chameleon do the same thing she laid a clutch of eggs and after she laid the she refused to eat . a couple weeks later she started to dig again and just sit in the nest a week after that she died i found out that the reason she wasn't eating is because she had a calcuim and vitamin deffiance
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are these infertile clutches? Over what time period did she lay the 4 clutches? I ask because Luna was an unbred veiled and she laid 4 clutches (37-42 eggs) in one year. It was really hard on her body. She died in July (on my lap on the way to the vet:( ) The necropsy showed that something had burst and she bled out - she was also developing egg follicles again. We think the almost constant pressure of being gravid eventually caused the vessel bursting

She never went back to dig again and always came out of her hole, covered it and was usually back in her tree by morning. If yours just sits in the hole for a bit maybe you should let her so she can do things at her own pace. How long does she stay there? How do you know that she is finished to decide when to take her out? These are just questions, NOT judgement. ;)

I would be concerned about this behavior and consider bringing her to your vet for an ultrasound to see what is going on.

Rocker is about 2 yrs old. Her first clutch was fertile at about 9 months. the next were not. The last two were about 4 months apart. Her diet is almost all crickets, dusted with calcium and vitamin supplements a couple times/week. She lays in these holes up to 5 hours, mostly head first. She doesn't fill the hole whenever she does comes out, like she normally would after laying eggs. Each morning she basks for a bit then heads for the pot she likes to dig in. If I have filled in the hole, she starts a new one. I tried this to maybe let her know that she is finished with laying, but she just wants to dig. She appears to be maintaining a healthy weight. All I have seen her eat was dirt.
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if this continues I would opt for an ultrasound. If she's got eggs in there and for some reason cannot get them out she could become eggbound. I know it may be expensive (mine was about $120 in NH) but looking at the other option...

I don't think you need to dust as much. Usually calcium/d3 (or no d3 if she gets real sunlight) is once/week and vitamin/minerals once per month. You might consider varying her diet some just for overall health. Silkworms are naturally high in calcium and easy to digest. Superworms, roaches are other good choices. Does she eat her veggies? Luna LOVED butternut squash and strawberries!

mmm strawberries 28017DSCN4250.JPG
Thanks for the advice. I never thought to try strawberries. I also have a male named PEEWEE. This is Rockers son. We have raised him from a newborn. He is amazingly friendly. If you go near his cage, he wants out and will not hesitate to climb on your hand and travel around your shoulders. I guess we are lucky to have such a great pet.
yes, you are lucky! Maybe since you've had him since he hatched :D

I put pieces of strawberry on the end of a wood skewer to offer it to her or on a wood spoon with long handle. Sometimes she would take it form my hand and when she was being pissy I would use the skewer or spoon. Try cherry tomatos, too.
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