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I have been reading about free range so I tried it from what I have at moment. The problem it didn' really work out. I have a huge window I thought I could set it up o but then where would I set up the lights without starting a fire. Plus I don't have an extra UVB light! So I thought why not move it under one of my shelves. Then I thought I only have a fake tree would it cut him? If I were setting up the light on the shelf would it start a fire? And what would stop him from going down from the tree and getting lost somewhere? It would be cool if connected to a window but how? Help?
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2 options-
1 - have his free range isolated on the wall so he can not reach anything else
2 - you know those plastic cones they put on dogs so they can’t chew their stitches out? Make a big one and place it at the bottom of the tree. Narrow part of the cone on the bottom.
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