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what does it mean if my girl of five monthes wont open her eyes much. and one in particular. she also keps rubbinv it against the glass and plants and stuff
Could mean she has something stuck in there or the lightin is bothering her. Hat uv are you using? Compact or linear? What supplements do you use?
she is a veiled cham, she has only been in my care for abiut a week, I got her from a pet store and when after joininv this sight I have realized that the store was seriously under feeding her and with no suplements. I have a dripper in the tank and mist it regularly through the day. I see her drink but not eat much. she likes to be heald and has never tried to bight or hiss. during the night she has her blue light but duing the day she has her neodymium basking light and her uv light. she barely eats so today I inroduce the feeding cup method. I think she is under weight. the day I got her from the store her one eye seemed to be od like kinda bloated. in her tank ( I know tankes arent the best but at the time the store had advised it) I have leaves up the wall she loves to sit in. and she has some treated branches and I have the bottom lined with green carpet then saturated moss. her tamperature and humidiity are at recomended levels by this sight. I have watched her drink so im not concerned about that. her poop is brown kinda like a rodents with a Wight bit at the end.
What uv does she have though? Compact or linear and what strength? Do you know what uv she was under in the shop?

Compacts can cause eye problems with chameleons.
im not sure in the store and im not sure of the difference. it says that it is 15watt and it is looks like a long florescent bulb but it says on it that it is only for reptiles. 15watt - T8 - BP Tropical 25 and it says uvA Ands uvB on it
ok so how do I do the shawer method. do I put her in the stream or what also how do I post pics It wont let me im on a smart phone
I use photobucket and copy and past the image link.

You want to get a plant and have the water jet spraying onto a wall so it splashes off onto the plant. Use warm not hot water and let her clean her eyes out and drink. It should remove anything stuck in the eyes.
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