Common keywords for chameleons


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I am trying out another website and one of the features on the site is seeing what search hits you get the most of.

It's disturbing but insightful to see what kinds of things people are looking for. Generally these searches come from google..

Here are some examples:
chameleon taking out of cage for first time 2
what type of vitamins does a chameleon need 1
what to do when chameleons bite you? 1
vines in your aquarium chameleon 1
types of chameleon 1
Reptile cages blog comments 1
owning chameleon behavior 1
my chameleon has runny poo 1
female veiled chameleon finicky eater 1
dry climate chameleon 1
chlorine in water bad for chameleons? 1
chameleons need heat get hurt from cold? 1
chameleons eating dead leaves 1
chameleon, first time owner 1
chameleon food list 1
are black lights bad for chameleons 1

Over time, the more searches/views I receive the more insight I can offer.

Regretfully this is all I have so far.


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Oh goodness do I want to know? Hahaha. I can't imagine "WHAT IS THIS GECKO" "DOES A HOUSE GECKO EAT HOUSES"...
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