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I've been lurking on the forums for a long time and I don't think I've ever come across any discussion on changes in color. I've seen plenty of discussion on color change as it relates to maturation but not on shifting in color in real time. It's my understanding that they change their colors to reflect their moods, do most owners not observe this? Is it because they don't usually encounter another chameleon while in captivity?
I do, it's either how they communicate how they're feeling or they're trying to warm up and bask more efficiently
I noticed only on my veiled and panther that their color brighten up a little more than their normal state when I bring them food. While my Triceros cristatus, I've seen it ate once since they are pretty shy chameleons. But in my experience with those 3 chameleons, I only notice they have 4 color changes, normal state, basking, sleeping, and Food time lmao. But each chameleon have different color mood, it took me some time to figured out what color represent for each chameleon, and I think it is very important for us keeper to understand and be able to read our chameleons signs and mood.
I guess I'm just surprised that this isn't something folks here show or talk about, being as that's what chameleons are best known for.
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