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Anyone know of a good substitute for the Exo Terra Explorarium? I found a large one on Craigslist a few months ago and finally set it up today. They are perfect for my porch! I plan to to use solid cages on the back deck, but out house is under construction so for now I’m sticking to the front and need something I can bring in. Exo Terra no longer makes these. :(

I looked at extra large butterfly nets but Im not sure they’re sturdy enough. I use similar ones for bugs.



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Not that I know anything about this product, but if you are not afraid of a little DIY (do it your self) work you can buy this

Picture bellow...

You can add a hook and possibly use fishing line to attach branches and leafs. I would say make sure that it is not over 1-2 lbs when hanging it. Some people complained that the shoulder straps ripped when it was full of landry.
Hope this helps.


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It does sorta look like a clothes hamper. As a matter of fact I looked at ikea for one for this purpose! Once hung with plants and in person, it doesnt look bad in person. That being said it doesnt stay out unless we are out front.
Awesome, glad I could help out.
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