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Read a post about a Chameleon dying from Coccidia.

Wanted to get a feel for the occurance of this parasite in our collections?

If anybody has any experience or has lost a Chameleon to this please pass on the details. I'm always interested in prevention rather than cure...

take the floor Chameleon keepers...
Parasites do kill if not caught in time. A cham on here also died of round worms a couple of days ago. The best thing you can do for your chameleon is regular fecals. My vet recommends every 6 months but I get them for my chams every 3 to 4 months since Luie had coccidia a couple of years ago.

Links to more info about coccidia:
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Prevention is keeping things clean and fecals.

Consider purchasing a steam cleaner, there are a few threads out there with suggestions on brand etc. to purchase.
The only chameleon that I know had it in all my years of keeping chameleons was a WC adult globifer. It was given a sulfa drug by coincidence to cure an infection in its "wrist" and that cured the coccidia too. Its cage mate never did get it...but we treated it anyhow....just to be sure.
coccidia is a parasite that causes diareaha, only if an animal has its imune system compramized, are they likely to die from it. Any reptile you get wether CB or WC should have a fecal test. Treatment is a sulfa based drug called Albon used over the course of two weeks.
Draco, Thank you for your response.

Spoke to the VET today, she said as I only have the one reptile and he is of course on his own she recconmends sampling once every 12 months. I will take the first sample in tomorrow and she'll take a look. She also told me she will give me some wormer for him.

So I feel better to know she is monitoring him.
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