Cobalt's first birthday - photo progression


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Little Cobalt turned a year old earlier this month, so I thought a color progression might be in order. Yes, he is a super yellow nosy be when angry, but I think he's awesome. He might not be the sky blue nosy be boy I wanted originally but I think this is cooler :D Unfortunately the photos of his younger months are missing, but he didn't really change much until 5 months. He is from the fantastic Jim, at the Chameleon Company.

2.5 months old.

5 months old.

7 months old.


8 months old.



9 months old.


10 months old.

11 months old.

1 year old!



Happy birthday Cobalt! Can't wait to see what colors he settles into in another year.
i had been wondering lately if he retained his yellows and for sure he did. the green on him is what turns yellow. and hes only a year old?! thats crazy, give him 6 more months to really color up. i honestly love the green variations of nosey be, and believe that mixing colors make the best variations. you got lucky with him hes green and blue! amazing
HAPPY BIRTHDAY COBALT !!!!!!! i love the blue nosy's to but he is ablsoutly stunning so many changes,,, YOU SEE THIS WHY I MUST HAVE A NOSY BE.........
He is beautiful. I go for the picture at 2 1/2 months, he is just so tiny and cute. But when he grew up he turned into a true stunning male. congrats and Happy Birthday Cobalt.:cool:
Happy birthday!. Nice progression of pictures. My ambilobe is coloring alot slower than your nosey at 10 months. but i love watching them change!
I still can't get over how much I love his colors! (pssst, breeeeeed him!!!)

How is he doing in terms of weight/growth?
Thank you for the compliments! He's a mean little bugger but we love him. I can't believe I've it's been nearly a year already since we got him.

I still can't get over how much I love his colors! (pssst, breeeeeed him!!!)

How is he doing in terms of weight/growth?

Oh Pssh, don't tempt me! I would get myself a little female but my friends and family would wring my neck! :D "Another one?!"

He's doing well, he's gained over 50g in the last 3 months, so I think he'll be fairly normal sized in time. He may not be a whopper but he won't be so tiny.
Great photo progression! I have pics but never wrote down the ages, so I just have to guess! He is an awesome looking dude! It is amazing how much they change. Beautiful guy, but too bad he is a meanie!!!
Doooooooooo it! Oh man, I'd buy some of his babies in a heart beat. He is by far my favorite of all the blue chameleons I've seen.
Happy B-day Cobalt....and i wish many more colorful years to come...maybe as a birthday gift a nosy be girl can show you a good time:cool:

"PIMP HIM, PIMP HIM":rolleyes:
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