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can some just plz awnser my question chams casque is bent slightly and i have a veild


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You have started like 6 threads and not posted any of the info anyone has asked of you, barely provided any details, hardly any pics, and not listened to what anyone has said.

If it is bent you cannot fix it. Sometimes it's a normal deviation that veiled just get. Sometimes it's due to metabolic bone disease, which we have tried to evaluate in your cham but you haven't given us all the info about your husbandry that we have asked for. Regardless of the cause it cannot be fixed. It's permanent.

Stop making new threads with titles not at all relevant to the question, stop asking the same question and give us more info (fill out the health form COMPLETELY) if you want more help. Kthnxbai.
You received excellent advice and info in this thread:

Once a casque or bones are bent, they can't be made straight again. You can stop the process of them continuing to bend though. My suggestion is to read the advice previously given and make an appointment with a reptile vet with knowledge of chameleons.


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Zigg, provided you deal with the cause it wont get worse, but as advised above, sadly the bend is irreparable.
With care your chameleon will still live a happy healthy life and provide you a few years of enjoyment. If its appearance distresses you, perhaps consider letting somebody adopt it who dosn't mind.
If your nice about it and patient, maybe you can find somebody here who will be happy to provide you another young healthy veiled (these are common as dirt) if you are willing to learn more, so you can begin again and have a happier experience.
If I was in the states Id be Happy to do so and help you learn enough to avoid this unfortunate problem next time.
Meet people half way and you'll be surprised. Im sorry this has occured with your lizard
and wish you the best should you pursue cham keeping. :)


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ok thanks everyone and yea well everyone has been telling me he has MBD so:/ yea i probably will take him to a smart cham vet.thanks
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