Close encounters with an insectivore!

I love the critique. Will, I think I did try 45 degrees left for the droplets to be in focus but it just lost something from that angle. Here are some others from the "red" series. Boy this post has got to be boring a lot of people! I forgot you could grab the image settings also Dave. Thanks for posting them Will.


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Heres another tip.

If you are posting MASSIVE images, instead of using tags like that around them, type in the word "Big" right before it to make them say [BIGIMG], on both ends of the tag. This will shrink your images to a better size for veiwing.

The background is working well. Nice colour, slightly overwhelming though. The potential improvements on these shoots now would be to play with the lighting and shadowing. You have some harsh lighting and crisp shadows that you can work out into gradients.

All in all liking it. Im very picky and it sometimes make me sound rude, but these shots are well done. ;)
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