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I tried to research what was safe for cleaning and sanitizing a cage, and can't find many answers other than what is NOT safe.

What about "Natural" all-purpose cleaner? like Green Works?

My fiance has been using a pine-sol solution, and I JUST found out it was toxic to reptiles D:

He claimed it was natural, so I let him go ahead..

But now I'm not sure what to do to properly disinfect my cham's enclosure.
probly just best to use an antibacterial soap. rinse thoroughly and let it dry in the sun. but not sure what other feedback you will get. just makes sense to me.
Nolvasan is a great disinfectant for your heavy cleaning. As a everyday cleaner you can get natural Chemistrys Healthy Habitat in works really good and you can use it with out taking anyone out of there cage.
I've used bleach mixed with water. You have to make sure it rinses out completely well though. I go the extra step and towel dry after rinsing for a long while.
I'm a big fan of good old soap, water, bleach, and rinse. Clean everything with a good quality unscented dish soap (1 tsp to 1 gallon) if you have water stains you can add a cup of white vinegar to the mix. Once everything is clean disinfect with a 5% bleach solution 3 tablespoons and 1 teaspoon (50ml) bleach to a liter of water. Spray or wipe on all surfaces and cage furniture and let stand for about 10 minutes. Then give everything a quick rinse. You can also use Nolvasan or Chlorhexidine as a disinfectant but it must be rinsed and that prevents it from being persistent. It also has a bad taste which if not rinsed off furniture may reduce a Chams drinking.
I was asking about this in a previous post, and along with several of these, one of the recommendations was peroxide.
I was just cleaning the cage. The bleach and water is what I did; however, the cage was extremely heavy for me to lift and wash out. Any solutions for this? ;)
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