Clean Bill of Health for Kitty

Brad Ramsey

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Thought I'd throw a happy thread in here...
Kitty went for his first wellness check yesterday (9 months old)
and came home with a great report.
His bone/muscle structure is good
He has a power grip!
eyes, mouth, nose, toes, skin....all great!
Clean fecal with nice wet, white urates!
Barring anything unexpected we don't plan to see the vet again for another year....and then just for a fecal.
He made his dad very proud and happy.
Oh, and he weighs 109 grams.
Any of you in Denver who need a vet....we highly recommend Dr. Ted Cohn at University Hills Vet Clinic.
He knows a lot about our little exotics and has kept them himself.
Plus, in the exam room we were in there is a picture of him and celebrity animal advocate Betty White. For whatever reason that made me like him a little bit more.:rolleyes:

For your information (in case anyone was wondering)
The bill was $83.00
$51 for wellness check and $32 for the 3 stage fecal exam.

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