Christmas Day Photos of the Chams (Cooper's turning blue)


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With all the cooking and gift opening we still managed to get the chams outside for a few photos. I hope you enjoy.

Cooper is turning blue and I'm so excited. He's 8 3/4 months old now and weighs 98 grams. Just look at that blue coming in.

My sweet little Tate was 9 months old on Christmas Eve and he weighs 78 grams. He is the most adorable baby ever. He was showing his spot for Christmas.

Sage is 3 days shy of being 9 months old. He weighs 148 grams. He's is the sweetest boy and loves hanging out with me.

Hendershot my sweet blue boy. He's 4 3/4 years old and 171 grams. He had MBD when he was a baby and he's starting to slow down and it just kills me.

I couldn't leave out little Teddy and the new house my husband built him. Teddy will be 6 months old on Jan. 1st. He weighs 130 grams and he's the sweetest little tort ever.

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Not even sure what to say about Cooper, the jealousy is hardly containable:p. Parson's are my favorite species by a huge margin and Cooper is developing exemplary coloration, he is displaying clear signs of flawless husbandry, and over all looks like he has an amazing demeanor. The sheer bulk of his limbs and tail for is just spectacular for his age. One day I hope to have a companion as amazing as Cooper. Sage and Tate are no exception to the awesomeness; Sage being gorgeous and fierce while Tate looking sweet and, dare I say, graceful. Sage seems to have a more temperate demeanor than any veiled chameleon I have ever owned, all of which were highly aggressive/territorial, which was easily mitigated when removed from their enclosures and placed in a neutral environment. Does he(Sage) ever get grouchy? And I am very sympathetic to Hendershot, we recently lost Oscar(Canis Majoris) to his age and condition finally, extended his life an additional year, but in the end he still passed:(. Hope your holidays went well and I am glad everyone in the crew is doing well.
PS: Cooper is awesome.


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Wow! They all look great! Cooper is really growing up and into a handsome man. Really enjoyed all the photos!


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Stop rubbing it in that you're OUTSIDE with your pets on Christmas Jann! I miss Jupiter :(

Everyone looks great. Merry Christmas.


Cooper is so amazing, I can't wait to watch him keep growing :) everyone is so beautiful! So glad you could be on this forum to show us your wonderful animals!


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Thank you so much everyone for the nice comment about my boys and their photos. They are all greatly appreciated.

Does he(Sage) ever get grouchy?
Sage never gets grouchy. He is always friendly and outgoing. All of my veileds have always been super friendly with great personalities. I do free range all of my chameleons and I really believe that along with allot of interaction with me keeps them friendly and very socialable.
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