Chrissy - did you get her to a vet?


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See my last post in your other thread for vet suggestions. I am afraid you will lose her if you don;t act fast. Hopefully you brought her in and will give us an update soon :(
We took her to the vet.. she has an infection. She was bleeding from her eye and it was surrounded in puss. The vet said there was nothing he could do for her because she was in such bad shape, but he knew I did my best with her and tried to calm me down. He also told me she has mbd. He asked of what I was using with her, and said it wasn't me. It had to have been the pet store I bought her from. They never had a uvb light. I feel so bad for her.. We have her back in her cage now trying to keep her warm and comfortable until she leaves us. Her breathing is coming more shallow by the minute.. I'm going to call the petstore and give them my two cents about them selling Chameleons. They know nothing about them. This could have been prevented! If she was in better shape the doctor could have treated her for her infection. He said he's never seen this type of infection before with the blood and puss. Then again her species aren't CB. She was more than likely wild caught. Poor girl.. I'm trying to make her as comfortable as I can today. I even took off of work to keep an eye on her. :( I thank you all for the support you've given me and all the input really helped. I hope I can find a good breeder sometime soon also. Because I'm really going to miss her.
I'm sorry...

it is unfortunate that pet stores are notorious for giving bad info. They simply do not know. I was at a PetCo and they had just gotten two lizards in that I had never seen before. When I asked the manager what they were he looked at a packing slip and told me. I asked about care and he had no idea. He said "We never know what we are going to get so we don't always know the care they need." I was disgusted. Write to the company directly.

I am so sorry about your experience and when you are ready I would recommend a CB panther or veiled from a REPUTABLE breeder. Ask here before purchasing - there are some really bad breeders out there - and we can make some recommendations for you. In the meantime become familiar with the publications, articles, etc. on this link Cham resources

Just curious - if there is no hope, did you consider having her put down so she doesn't suffer any longer? I know it is a very difficult decision to make, but one to be considered for the animal.
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