Chlorine, tap water?


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Ive heard that the chlorine amounts in tap water is actually fatal to a chameleon.. so ive always been using chlorine free water, and i dont mind it at all.

but is it really true? what happens if i do run tap water into their dripper? will it have a serious affect?

im still going to run the non chlorinated bottled water unless i know for a fact that tap water wont have any long term affects
tap water answer

I work at a water toxicology lab. And eventhough there is clorine added to the water most levels are too low to wory about. The substance that I worry about in our water is floride- which is added to the water in the for of Hydrofluric acid!!!! This stuff is nasty. One of the strongest acids out there. But again once it gets to you and your cham its so diluted that it shouldn't make a difference. Letting the water sit will let the chlorine liberate so if you are worried about that you can do that. However standing water is also a great medium for culturing bacteria so make sure that it never sits out too long. Let me know if you have other questions about this stuff. Most of my work deals with small invertebrates and fish- but I have also done a fair amount of work with amphibians as well.
Well fluoride in humans is known to bond with calcium and remove it from the body. I would guess it could do the same to chameleons. Therefore making sure you use calcium supplement is more important with people using city water than with well water.
i use reptisafe in my chameleons water as tap water can kill a chameleon over time,there are toxins that could build up in a chameleons system and cause death,the tapwater here gets so bad that in the summer you will get a strong odor of chlorine,however i do use tap water 2-3 times every 2 months because i beleive that chlorine is good once in a while as a mild disinfectect for spraying into the cage etc.
yea, i figured that much.

im still saying safe and using non chlorinated, safe bottled water.

just wanted to see what everyone though on the idea of tap water :]
I use tap water. I had been using it for years before I ever heard anything like this mentioned before. Plus the water where I live is included as a flat rate in the rent. I like to stick it to them every month on that one. Long showers, washing my car, you name it I do it.
i use tap water but its gotta be treated with reptisafe, reptisafe breaks chlorine down and its got other stuff in it that is good for reptiles.
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