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Good afternoon...

Well I'm in the process of being licensed and later registered child care in my home. I can go full out till we move out of this apartment. But when I do it will be around the time that I have my chameleons next year some time. Depending on the floor plans of the house and other things this is what I would like:

I'm looking at houses that are 4 bedroom 2 1/2 baths and a guest house. I'm hoping that we can find something that's 4 bedroom with master and our kids rooms up top. Fourth bedroom would be the childcare room. My mom turns 65 years old this July and shes hardly making it so the guesthouse will be hers.

As I'm thinking of all these possibilities, I'm also trying to figure out where I'm going to put the chameleons. I could put them in our room or possibly in a area are they can be out of reach of kids. I was also thinking about having the outdoor enclosure close to the guest house but blocked off area that the kids cant get in.

looking for opinions... I know its hard to pretend whats goin to happen just getting prepared.
I know nothing about Texas, but most states will not allow a reptile like a chameleon to be near the children. Just a question to cover while you are getting your license.
It varies. Some will allow it, other will not allow it as they consider the reptiles to be big carriers of things that can make a child sick. But you can have an untrained dog that jumps on kids, eats off their food. That is just an example of how I feel about the rules they impose.

My niece has ran a daycare for years. Missouri allows one person to have up to 8 kids. She has had to get rid of a water turtle, because the kids could drown. She only has small kids, the top of the tank is fully covered, and about 4 ft in the air. The rules are not based on any logic as far as I can tell. Allowing one person, with no help, to care for 8 kids under 5, is as crazy as it gets to me.
I was watching 2 kids back in August when I had Ringo... I wouldn't let the kids go into the room. Now I'm keeping Freckles in our room, the safe haven for all my pets when I have kids over.
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