I've seen a few other people do this so I decided I'll do it myself (Take this as a note I'm not using this for an alternative for vet care!)! I will fill out my care lots of ideas or suggestions if you see anything wrong please tell I want my buddy to have the best life that I can do!
Chameleon Info:
  • Your Chameleon -Chamaeleo calyptratus also known as veild cham, male, and a year and 5-6 months. 1 year.
  • Handling - Whenever her feels like it about 1-2 times a week.
  • Feeding - Crickets, superworms, hornworms, bsfl, discoid roaches, and I'm yet to find silkworms that aren't very expensive. for crickets, I will hand feed him about 5-7, hornworms if there large 1 if small about 2, bsfl are 7-9, and discoid roaches are 1-3. is split into the morning and afternoon? honeydew, lettuce, carrots and lot of everything that is safe for the chameleon and feeders.
  • Supplements - Zoo Med repti calcium and vitamins. without d3 every feeding with both vitamins and calcium with d3 every 2 weeks with vitamins and calcium.
  • Watering - Hand spraying and i have dripper that goes on all day. 4 times a day 2 minutes or more long. Yes, many times.
  • Fecal Description - a black brown color with specks of white and yellow in a hard pellet shape not to liquid looking. No not yet.
  • History - I didn't get much history sorry!

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - Mesh on all side with mahogany wood for the base. 4x2x2
  • Lighting - Zoo Med, Reptile basking spot lamp 75w and a 5.0 UVB long. 8 am to 8 pm?
  • Temperature - the basking is about 80-85 only sometimes getting into the very low 90s and bottom of the cage is about 75. 75 is the lowest. a therm gun?
  • Humidity - 60%, Misting for long and a lot. Humidity gauge.
  • Plants - Yes, a Pothos and Umbrella plant.
  • Placement - No traffic its on a platform that is about 7 inches away from the floor not many vents except 1 that doesn't work.
  • Location - Middle east Utah.
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