Cheapest faux rock wall?

Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by FrankTheTank, May 16, 2013.

  1. FrankTheTank

    FrankTheTank Member

    So I've done a lot of searching and I'm still not sure. Wht is the cheapest best looking rock wall? I really want to do styrofoam and concrete. I want to stay way from expanding foam but ill do it if its a lot cheaper. Any help would be gear faux rock pros!
  2. cswan19

    cswan19 New Member

    Check out lizard landscapes, he's got all kinds of tutorials on how to make cool decor for reptile tanks.

    Here's a rock wall

    You don't have to go into as much detail as this guy did but you could if you want, looks easy enough lol.
  3. NorCalAnthony

    NorCalAnthony Member

    I've used styrafoam, caulking, paint, and acrylic sealant for the two that I've done so far since that method looked the easiest when I was hunting the internet for how-to's lol. Both turned out great and can be made for $50-60 (or less if you go smaller than I did). Here are a couple of links to my build threads:

    The first one is for the little cage I did when I first got my male panther (with more detailed pics) and the second one is of his big boy cage with the same style faux rock wall.

    Good luck on your project! I always love seeing how other people do things so I can get new ideas for future projects:)
  4. InStitches

    InStitches New Member

    I will show you what I prefer over the Styrofoam backgrounds that pop up in stores. I have two favorite pre-made faux walls:

    1) Try searching for "Universal Rock" or "Universal Rocks." Cheapest place to buy is Amazon, Prime members get free shipping. All sorts of sizes, cut-to-size if too big.

    2) Rocky Sheet by Designs By Nature: Rocky Sheet Link

    DBN has a large range of other backgrounds, but I do like the Rocky Sheet's pricing compare to others. There are some really stunning backgrounds - they can get bulky, and they're all hand textured/colored, so they're a little pricey, but they look great and are worth the price.
  5. FrankTheTank

    FrankTheTank Member

    I think you're the only one that gets the point of pricing being my main concern. I don't need how to's people. I know HOW to do it. I just want to know the pricing. Thanks Anthony!
  6. Lathis

    Lathis Chameleon Enthusiast

    I have a TXTR-LITE panel in the back of my enclosure. It doesn't have the depth of a custom foam wall or aquarium backdrop, but it is still awesome looking. It's an ultra-thin natural stone veneer bonded to fiberglass to form a flexible panel. Very lightweight and can be cut with scissors. UV and water resistant.

    The panels are rather expensive, but they have a small selection of damaged or flawed panels for a ridiculously discounted price (about $28 + $10 shipping). Panels are typically 2ft X4ft. I bought a black imperfect panel and it only had a small scratch and chipped edge, easily disguised for what I used it for.

    Best background I could have hoped for and probably one of the cheaper things I bought for my little guy.
  7. FrankTheTank

    FrankTheTank Member

    I really want the custom look so I can mold planters into it at the top. But that's something to keep in mind. Thanks
  8. FrankTheTank

    FrankTheTank Member

    Bump. Is cement cheaper than the non sanded grout? What works best on styrofoam?
  9. jarred

    jarred New Member

    I did a huge one with a lot of detail for around hundred 3'x4' all in. There are pictures in one of the stickies of my setup. For about fifteen bucks you can get enough grout to get pretty far. I didn't use concrete but the grout worked good for me. I did a expanding foam one as well it cost around sixty I would guess for everything. If you want something custom and you have patience do the styro one. Mines over a year old and it's as good as the day I finished it.
    Good luck
  10. FrankTheTank

    FrankTheTank Member

    I've decided to go the styro and grout route.cant wait to get started! Thanks for the info. Should be a fun project
  11. FrankTheTank

    FrankTheTank Member

    People with built in planters in the rock wall...did you set it up so that your plants can drain off excess water? If
  12. Carlton

    Carlton Chameleon Enthusiast

    Well, the absolutely cheapest rock wall would be none at all. IMHO this isn't a feature that suits cham habitats very much. I'd much rather use that space for larger living plants as that's where chams live.

    I know, you already want one...good luck with it. ;)
  13. NorCalAnthony

    NorCalAnthony Member

    I had built in/molded in a couple of plastic food containers to use as my planters and had drilled a few small holes in the bottom. Since the container was slightly tapered it wound up angling forward once it was attached to the wall so the water naturally drains to the front where the holes were drilled. With all that being said, I have my misters pointed at the planters to water the pothos that are in them but I have yet to see any signs of excess water or even any draining from the holes.

    Good luck with your project, be sure to post some pics once you finish it up.
  14. eat2muchrice

    eat2muchrice Member

    I made this out of styrofoam for my kingsnake. Very easy to make, my only tip is to use a large candle and work your project upside down.


    Whoops posted on the wrong page!
  15. Lathis

    Lathis Chameleon Enthusiast

    That's very cool looking, eat2muchrice. What did you use to finish the Styrofoam?
  16. eat2muchrice

    eat2muchrice Member

    Thanks, I actually meant to post this on another thread page. I used some cheap tile grout, few layers of paint, clear sealant, airbrushed some details then dry brushed the highlights.

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