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Don't know if anyone would be interested....but the idea just occurred to me today....

We're having a 2 in 1 fundraiser for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life and our Adult Day Health Care Center on April 2nd....and I'm trying to come up with some things/events to be going on during the day at the center while the poker run is going on....

Was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing something similar to the reptile photo-ops offered at some of the shows.... they always have huge snakes and such, but it would be pretty cool if we could do pictures with some chameleons.... I wouldn't mind taking ours, but our males are not exactly the most

So...if there's anyone that would be interested in just bringing a couple up and donating some time...we'll take care of the picture taking and we can set a price with the donations going toward whichever of the two organizations you prefer!

If you think you might be interested, you can pm me or email me for more details.... it's the first Saturday in April in Ramona, CA. :D
This is such a good idea! My little guy is only 6 months old and stresses easily... :( Hope it works and you get some volunteers!:)
yeah...i have one that would be ok with the handling itself....the ankaramy actually...but i don't think he'd color up for pictures....
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