Changing Up Supplementation


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Hello all,

I'm curious about how (or if!) y'all transition from one supplement regime to another. I was finally able to pick up some different supplements but I am worried that if I transition Paisley incorrectly, he may suffer a vitamin overdose or a vitamin deficiency.

Currently, I am using Rep-Cal Calcium w/o D3, Rep-Cal Herptivite, and Rep-Cal w/ D3. My schedule has been:

Calcium w/o D3: At every feeding
Multivitamin: Every 2 weeks
Calcium w/ D3: Every 2 weeks

(I supplement the Multivitamin and Calcium w/ D3 together, for what it's worth.)

My questions:

1. For a Juvenile (presumably) male Panther would you switch to Sticky Tongue Farms Miner-All (Indoors) -or- Repashy Calcium Plus LoD?

2. If I understand correctly (and I may not), either of these supplements can be used by itself on a daily basis with no real need to add additional supplements. Is this true in y'all's experience?

3. How would you go about changing from one supplement schedule to another with either of the above new supplements?

4. I did some reading in the archive and found that some folks vary their supplementation schedule fairly regularly. Would you recommend that I do this here? Perhaps using the Sticky Tongue and the Repashy alternately?

Thanks for your help. :)
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