Changed chameleon to differnt cage


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Hey, so I have a carpet chameleon, he is in a large 5 foot by 3 foot flexarium that he is doing fine in, but I just found out that I am getting a adult male panther chameleon in 2 days so I switched my carpet chameleon into a little bit smaller cage, My carpet seems to be scared and has kind of spent the last 2 days at the top of the bushes just kind of sitting there looking around but not rly moving, I know that he must be stressed from the move but is this anything I should worry about?, how long does the timidiness normally last ?


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Chams do not like change of any kind.
It could take days, or weeks for him to feel comfortable and secure in a new home.
Do you have plenty of foliage, vines and such for him to hide?
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