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Hi, I am new to this forum and have never owned a Cham but, I am thinking of getting one. I live in Tyler, TX and was wondering if anyone could tell me if they know of a breeder or anyone in the East TX area that I might could visit. I am particullarly interested in the Vields for my first time around. Thanks, Sambo

Im not particularily familiar with the Texas area but Im sure someone else on the forums will be able to help you :)
If nobody here has any ideas about Chameleons available in East Texas, you should try
There are several of us from Texas on this forum (CCIC), myself included (Austin).

As far as East Texas goes, I'm not sure. But it would definitely be an option to have a chameleon shipped to you overnight from a reputable breeder.
Hello Sambo, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :)

I live in Austin, but don't really have any local breeder recommendations for you. A lot of breeders work from home and are not open to regular public viewing. I advise purchasing online from a respected breeder. Another option would be a local reptile show.
Thanks guys for the replies.

I have never even seen a Cham except on the internet and wanted to get a up close look before purchasing one. I have ordered some books and plan to do some reading before jumping into this. I would feel really bad if I purchased one and it died because I didn't know how to care for it.

I was also wondering if any breeders ever sell eggs. I would love to be able to hatch a couple of Chams into an existing environment instead of having them suffer the stress of shipping.

Thanks again,
Hi there Sambo....sorry I didn't respond sooner, life has been hectic here. My Husband & I are awaiting the hatching of a clutch of Veiled eggs (46!!) sometime in October (hopefully!). This is our first clutch from this pair and they are both healthy specimens that we anticipate great babies from.....if you are interested, we live in the Corpus Christi area which is South East area on the Gulf Coast. Please feel free to contact me anytime. The clutch was laid on April 1st and we have them incubating around 80 daytime 76 night time. All the eggs look great so far!

Hi IvorySerpent,

Thanks for the info. I checked out your pics and your Chams look very healthy. October sounds about right for the time I might be purchasing my first baby. Do you have any idea what the cost with shipping will be?

I was born in Tyler. If I not mistaken it is very humid around that part of Texas. I now live in east Tennessee it is a sub-tropical climate and humidity is one thing I don't have to worry about. My veileds don't like misting or even their drippers to much. Those, thick, choking, 100% humidity days helps keeps them hydrated and healthy.
Hi Jordan,

It is pretty humid in this area except when we have had a drought like we are having right now. It actually feels hotter to me when it is 105 deg during a drought than when it is humid.

How long have you been keeping Chams?

I received my first book today and I am looking forward to reading it. I am particularly interested in Vields for my first time at this.

Still trying to locate a Cham source close to Tyler, TX. I might have to go to Dallas to find one. If you are from the Dallas area and know of a breeder in that area I would appreciate some info on them.

Thanks for the post Jordan.

To say the least Jordan! Our humidity in Corpus Christi seems to keep our Veiled couple pretty happy. I had noticed our babies are spoiled.....they hate the showers unless the water is warm, otherwise they attempt to run and then kill whoever is hosing them down....LOL

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