Chams Are So Great !!!!!!!!!!


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Why ever didnt i discover these TRULY AMAZING CREATURES EARLIER !!!!!!?????
I have had my very first cham for a month now and to say i have FALLEN IN LOVE WITH HIM IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!! The research i made before purchasing my cham is certainly paying off, as my little veiled BUNDLE OF JOY COULD NOT BE HAPPIER !!!!!!!!!!!! And the money I DONT NOW HAVE !!!!!!!!! Is the best i have ever ever spent...... His name is kief and he is now 5 months old and i cant believe the AMAZING AND TRULY BRILLIANT COLOURS HE DISPLAYS......ABSOLUTELY AWESOME.....BY THE WAY ..MY EXTRA LARGE WIDESCREEN TV IS NOW RETIRED !!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM TO BUSY WATCHIN MY FANTASTIC CHAM.....In addition i just want to thank you guys.....U HAV BEEN SENSATIONAL !!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH HELP AND ADVICE,,,,THANKYOU !!!!!!! I hav enclosed a pic of my favourite little man !!!!


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Keif looks good. I know you probably have seen a lot of pictures of chameleons but when you see them in person you realize that the pictures did not do them any justice. I have had mine for years and I still watch them.
yeah heard about this a couple days ago. Kind of ironic that it causes short term memeory loss but than prevents long term!!

Similarly, when I was in college if I studied high I had to be high for the test, like I had two seperate avenues of memeory, one for sober, the other...not. There have been some recent studies suggesting a different brain wave when on THC which could support this theroy.

I only have one of those avenues theese days.
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