Chamelons getting wet

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So is it ok for your little guy to get wet? The monsoon makes it rain but how much should I have for a cage like this I have 4 seprate hydrometers and 4 teps
And all the hydro meters read different % ranging from 26->40 and I'm guessing it would be 100% under the offer and it rains about 4 seconds every hour untill dusk. How much do you spray?
I would not have it going off every hour. At some point you want the cage to dry out. You don't want to create too damp of conditions. However, 4 seconds is sure not very long at all. I would spay about 3-4 times a day for about 3-4 minutes at a time. 4 seconds may not stimulate your chameleon to drink. Sometimes it can take quite awhile before they start drinking. I would have the last misting go off atleast a couple hours before the lights go out.
I have a dropper going 24,7 this is screen cage with a waterbucket under the enclosure I see him drink . As far as the cricket cup I seen him eat out of that too but idk lately I haven't seen him eat there is dry spots in the cage and the water just gets evaporated in like a hour oh and the fogger makes it rain in the cage cuz of the condinsaion
why do you have a dripper going 24/7.? That is really not necessary as your chameleon is surely not drinking while he is sleeping. Are you trying to keep the humidity up? You don't want it too humid and you don't want the humidity to stay constantly the same. It should rise and fall as it does in their natural environment.
The chameleon should get wet to some extent at least.

It should rain on them.

This will provoke them to drink.

You want the misting system to go off for minutes at a time, not seconds.

A good couple of 2-3 minute mistings, and a 5-10 min misting session a day would be good.

You want to have the last session early enough that the cage dries out before lights off. This will discourage any mildew or mold to grow throughout the night.
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