chameleon won't eat


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I've had a veiled chameleon for over 5-6 months now. For some reason, starting about 5 days ago, he just won't eat. I've tried different foods that he's always ate without any luck. Any ideas? He still seems strong (even though you can tell he is losing weight). He is even moving around the cage more and more looking for ways out (cage is 5 feet tall 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep) Thanks
Thats what I was told when I bought him from a breader. How can I be 100 percent sure? I didn't want a female b/c i didn't want to deal with the whole egg issue...i really hope thats not whats happening!!!! b/c i'm sure "she" is probably in a lot of pain right now.....
Show us some pics so we can help you determine what it is. Maybe he could just be bored of his food. My female went though the same thing, then I got her some silks and after denying her crickets, she ate the silks and is eating well now. Try a new feeder but just to be certain, post a pic.
How do you sex panther chameleons. Do you sex them the same way. I have a male, but he doesn't seem to have a spur. Im sure its a male too.
Male panther chameleons don't have spurs. You have to look at the base of the tail for a hemipene bulge to tell if its a male.
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