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The name has been changed to protect the guilty. Witness: I saw someone, in bright green with splashes of yellow taking money from the Money Tree.

Carmelo Cham: What! It wasn't me!
Mom: Didn't I tell you money doesn't grow on trees....


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Sir Relax A-Lot.


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Back after having my second cup of coffee and I still think yall have lost your marbles thinking I am going to do a video. :hilarious: I am the like the wizard behind the curtain not wanting to be seen :LOL:
We were just having fun last night, and it took off blame Sir Relax A-Lot. Just be glad we didn't get too involved


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Not to be the serious one here today but how is this guys diet going?
It's going good. I can tell he's dropped a few grams. He has stopped begging for food. I feed him 4 medium crickets every other day with a small horned worm 2 times a week. He prefers the Money Tree over Pothos. He hates Dubias and Superworms I would like to try Silkworms and Locust but I can't find any. He gets calcium at feedings and Reptivite w/D3 on the 1st and 15th. Should I add vitamin A?
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